Oberwielenbacher Tallile

A "Tallile" is a little valley in the local dialect. The Oberwielenbacher Tallile is situated inside the "Rieserferner - Ahrn" nature park and is the perfect hiking destination for the whole family. During the winter, the path can be used as luge run, while during the summer the alps are opened where you can meet and see cows and horses, as well as just following the  stream or just enjoy the perfect idyll.




In the beautiful Antholzer vally, predestined and valued in the whole world for its cross country ski tracks, you can enjoy it's slopes (over 30 km)  surrounded by wonderful mountains. The slopes are adapted to all styles, of which 10km are hard, 10km medium and 10km easy difficulty level.

In the Biathlon center, where World Cup and World Championship is held, you can learn the correct technique with professional trainers, or even learn biathlon.The Biathlon Center provides also Rent-A-Ski services, as well as ski-services and restaurants.

Antholzer See

Antholzer See

One of the most beautiful alpine lakes lies hidden at the closure of the Antholzer Valley. Surrounded by beautiful dark green woods, surveyed by the peaks of the Rieserferner Mountains. The third biggest mountain lake was enhanced by a path surrounding it, providing several informations, for example the most important  minerals, trees, mountains of the area and many more, explained in a playful manner.








The Hauser farm is located in a little mountain village called "Wielenberg" near Percha, where the farmer plants medicinal-, and spice-herbs. Many of them are processed directly there and the outcomes, like oils, teas, schnaps etc., can be bought there. Near the gorgeous garden you can find a childrens playground, a garden with animals and an adventure path. Opening hours are from June to October, Monday to Saturday, 9.00 to 12.00 and 14.00 to 18.00.


South Tyrolean museum of popular art

It's the oldest South Tyrolean museum. You can watch and explore the South Tyrolean History inside the big farm "Mair am Hof" and in the near outdoor museum. The former homes of all social classes are exposed there, as well as it visualizes the cultural history of the simple population, with its daily duties, farmwork and gives a view in the former lifestyle.

Earth pillarsErdpyramiden

Several centuries ago, a severe thunderstorm caused a landslide, which intercepted the old path between the "Thalerhof" and Aschbach. The place was never filled up with soil. Then in 1882 it came to another thunderstorm, after which a deep rift emerged. Through repeated washing out of the hillside, pillars containing clay with stones on top grew. These pillars constantly change, especially durting Winter and Spring new pillars appear. The erosion area lies between 1550m and 1750m above sea level and is the most important earth pillar ocurrence of the Puster Valley, also because of their variance in height. From Oberwielenbach near Percha you can reach them in about 45. Minutes, from Platten it takes half an hour.





Fast, modern and comfortable. Thats the way a ropeway should be. Because of this, the Kronplatz is technically always up to date, and through it's continuous investmens it became one of the most modern skiing regions of Europe!

he 2.275m high Kronplatz, with over 100 km of slopes and most modern ropeways, is "the" mountain for ambitious skiers and snowboarders. Everybody who loves the sun enjoys the long slopes in 3 cardinal directions and the big, sunny plateau on the peak.

The Kronplatz area provides highest quality and security levels. Freerider and Freestyler come together at the brand new "Snowpark Kronplatz" with Boxes, Rails and Kickers. Several areas and kid's parks are responsible for the enjoyment of children which is completed by the professional programm of the skiing schools.


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